The Perfect Solution To Faking Your Phone Calls | The CarBiz Podcast

July 12, 2021

In this episode of the Car Biz Podcast, Elise Kephart talks about the perfect solution to faking your calls.

TL;DR: Don’t fake your phone calls. Listen to this episode to identify a better solution.


Faking your phone calls involves taking your CRM and saying that you made “this” call when you didn’t actually make the call.


Instead of faking your calls, figure out an actual way to have a real phone call conversation. BDC agents and salespeople don’t want to make a call and fake it because it’s awkward for them. Phone calls normally don’t go in their favor. All these things de-motivate somebody from actually making a phone call.


If you want to make your calls, the better solution is to break down what it will take to have a valuable phone conversation.


If you want to have a solution and don’t want to fake your calls, get to the root of why you’re faking your calls. And the way the reason that you’re faking your calls is that you’re not getting the result that you actually want. If you want to play this smart, rewind your tape and figure out the highest probability that you’ll get for the customer to actually pick up and give you their aerial voice.


Figure out the probability of action to every activity that you’re doing, specifically phone calls.


Figure out the equation. It’s not a brag contest on how many dials you make. It’s no longer The Wolf of Wall Street days.

If your dials aren’t getting you the actual conversations you want, rewind the tape and figure out the solution.

Don’t fake it.

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