One Easy Hack If You’re a Camera Shy Car Sales Pro

June 21, 2021
In this episode of the CarBiz Podcast, Elise Kephart shares about how to be more confident in making videos.

Splice App

Splice is an iPhone and iPad free video editing application. The software is simple to use and allows users to edit HD photos and videos in professional videos, which are excellent for online sharing. The app offers many features, including transitions, trims, borders, and sound effects.

Reason for Lack of Confidence

We all get self-conscious about our appearance; you must know how to hold your camera and shoot the camera. People tuning in want to hear what you have to say, so try to relax and give your best shot to the information and knowledge you want to share.

Voice Over

Use the Splice app to start doing voiceover over your videos. You’re watching the actual video that you made. And then you’re speaking over it, kind of as you’re watching the video.
Once you have your just basic video together, you can use this app to sort of splice it like you would be doing pictures.

Practice and Getting Familiar

If you want to be confident in making videos, get familiar with the camera, and get acquainted with speaking on camera without looking at yourself, then find an app on your phone.
Take action and start doing it.
If you are not comfortable on camera, start doing it and take action. Consistency is the key to make yourself confident on videos and start scaling your videos to a whole new level.

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