Hustle Is Only Hype Without Results | The CarBiz Podcast

August 2, 2021

In this episode of the CarBiz Podcast, Elise Kephart shares a hack for you to use anytime you ask a question, regardless of whether you are reviewing the emails, text messages, diving into your call tracking, and listening to your live phone calls.

Most of us that have been through any type of baseline psychology training understands that if you verbalize a question like in an email, over text, or you speak it on the phone, then the probable response is that you will get the customer to actually respond to you as opposed to just making a statement.

The first thing you should do with every question you ask with email, text, or phone call is that you should roleplay that question and know the probable responses.

Rewind your own tape and reword your own question because if you know that the customer will not give you a response that they won’t probably say, then don’t put yourself in that box. Rewind your own tape and restructure your question so that regardless of what the probable answers will be, it will exactly go as you’ve expected.

If it’s one of those tense feelings when you’re answering your own question, you’re going to verbalize text, email, or call the customer, then restructure it. When it comes to any type of follow-up, the biggest thing is that it’s all probability. You’re in control of every single thing that happens in your follow-up. So rewind the tape and restructure your questions so that the probable answers will be in your favor.

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