3 Ways To Handle True Car Leads | The CarBiz Podcast

August 30, 2021

In this episode of the CarBiz Podcast Elise shares 3 things you can do to handle TrueCar leads when no phone number is provided.

If everyone loves texting so much, why does everyone hate getting TrueCar text opportunity leads? It’s because you don’t get the customer’s real phone number.

There are some instances where the car sales rep doesn’t even want to work the lead because they tend to go nowhere.

3 Ways To Handle True Car Leads

But think about it, the customer took their time to fill out the lead just to have it go nowhere.

Shouldn’t TrueCar texting leads provide a better opportunity? Let’s dig in.

Here are three things you can do right now to handle TruCar texting leads.

1.) Do not send the text opt-in to the number TrueCar provides
’nuff said.

2.) Treat it like an email-only
Don’t overwhelm the customer with a lot of BS. Use this as an opportunity to ask for their real phone number. The text message should bring you to a live call opportunity.

3.) Know how to convert that text to a phone call
Do not break the customer’s trust. Set yourself up for the smoothest of all shots that build up to a phone call.

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