3 Things That Make BDC Life Like Online Dating

June 14, 2021
In this episode of the CarBiz Podcast, Elise Kephart talks about how the three ways on how BDC and Internet Sales mimic Dating Apps.

Creep Issue

Creep does not refer to creepy people but “stalking” your prospective clients. Creep those initial leads that you had so that when a customer finally gets in touch with you, you know their name, phone number, email address, their ideal car, or any information that they might have shared online that would help you seal the deal.

Trust Wall

The Trust Wall is established when you attempted to invite someone for a test drive without a proper appointment. Don’t invite someone telling your address and tell them to come over in the middle of the night because that is a major turn-off and instant block—this one is creepy.

Pen pal Manship

You can communicate through emails or be pen pals with someone but have the initiative to learn how to communicate face to face or through a phone. Text messaging might comfort you but you are losing the favor of closing the deal through it.
Know how to communicate through phones. Don’t depend heavily on text messaging and emails—you lose confidence and art with it.

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