3 Reasons You Won’t Like My Car Sales Training | The CarBiz Podcast

October 11, 2021

Elise Kephart shares the top 3 reasons you may not like her car dealership BDC training.

1. Self accountability

You won’t like the Elise Kephart training if you can’t hold yourself accountable. You will get tough love so that you can perform at a level higher than you ever thought was possible.

So much of what’s lacking in achieving your success is yours to own; it’s yours to control.

2. It’s Bullshit Proof

You won’t like Elise Kephart’s BDC training because it’s BS proof. You won’t be able to come up with clever workarounds in the CRM or by other means to cover your failures. Her training is designed to sift through all the clutter so that you can perform at your best and get the wins you deserve.

3. You will need to unwind old methods

If you’re comfortable doing things the old way, you’re going to hate the need to change. Most people do, but it’s for the good of your career. Elise is going to help you deploy a modern approach to meet the demands of moder car shoppers. The stuff in your training manuals is likely outdated, and it’s time to adapt.

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