2 “Marshal Mathers” Moves To Skill Up Your BDC Phone Handling | The CarBiz Podcast

July 19, 2021

In this episode of the Car Biz Podcast, Elise Kephart talks about her two “Marshall Mathers” moves to skill up when you are on the phone.


There is a scene in the movie Eight Mile where Eminem leaves his opponents speechless. The reason is that he knows everything that his opponent is going to throw at him and used it to his advantage.


There is a common trend where customers do a little research about you where they already heard the aerial voice. Instead of the traditional appreciation for your customer’s inquiry, replace that verbiage and mirror it to your customer.


Beat the argument before it even happens.


When you’re live on the phone, you can’t tell the customer what to say or what not to say. But you can structure what you’re saying to be probable in your favor on what the customer does say.


Getting muscle memory down is a big thing. It’s this instinctual superpower where you can instantly respond regardless of what the customers throw at you. It just pops out of nowhere.


The better that you can lip-sync and get good with the ability for your mouth to move fast and connect it with words that you memorize, that muscle memory when you’re putting a pinch spot in the phone can kick right in and just go full speed.


Suppose you have muscle memory down to where you can say something that’s just instinctual. In that case, that’s going to buy you just a split second that is enough for you to gather yourself to acknowledge whatever the object, the objection, or the heartache that the customer just threw you.


Suppose you can get that instinctual muscle memory when you’re on the phone and express confidence or have the customer perceive you as an expert in your field and use the psychology of that Eight Mile move to beat the customer to whatever heartache or rejection you’re getting. In that case, it’s no longer going to be there.

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