You may have been wondering the best way to use video email with your DealerSocket CRM.  Well you have come to the right place!

Hi – my names Elise Kephart, founder of the Elise Kephart Experience.  If you haven’t followed my journey I am from a small town called San Luis Obispo on the central coast hills of California.  I picked up my first video camera selling cars in the internet department in 2009 and in less than five years had quadrupled my income.  The tough part back then was I didn’t have a smartphone, the technology wasn’t around to really send video emails outside of youtube and me being pretty computer savvy made it fairly easy to send a video email in under five minutes.  But that was with no smartphone, no data plans, only youtube and I always had to have my memory stick with a card reader ready…think about it for a minute – life before the iPhone and smartphones…crazy right?

Here we are now in 2017 and video email has continued to become a movement in automotive. I excited to share with you my best secrets and practices when it comes to video email!

So okay, let’s get to the point.  

“Can this work with my DealerSocket CRM?  I called into my CRM rep and they aren’t sure.” 

The answer is YES!  BombBomb Video Email with Elise Kephart and your DealerSocket CRM will work together.  But I will be honest, it is a hack.  A behind the scenes.  A test and try I spent the time to find out for you so I could show you that when it comes to video email and the automotive industry there is no one better and no one more passionate about helping you get your own success stories like this:

You like FREE?  Good.  My tutorial on How to use BombBomb Video Email and Training Guide on Automotive Video Email is free!  Zilch.  Nada.  Not even $1.  And it will get emailed to you so there is no shipping charges or funny fine print.

All I ask is you only fill out the below information if you want to rock the automotive world when it comes to creating customer experience.  Video email will only work if you turn on the camera and make the decision to set yourself apart from the car salesperson, or the dealership down the street.  

If this is you, and you want to get the full access scoop from me and learn my secret hack to get BombBomb Video Email in your DealerSocket CRM – get started below and let’s roll.  I promise you there is no commitments.

If you are like me and scroll to the very bottom of the page to see what’s up, here is the deal just to recap.  You can fill out the form below and get your FREE Tutorial on How to Use DealerSocket with BombBomb Video Email alongside with my free video email automotive guide.  No commitments or credit card information required.  Just good old fashioned value to you at no charge.

If you have kept scrolling because maybe you are curious on what pricing for this is to use with your DealerSocket it goes like this – and I guarantee it not only is the best pricing, but best support with me directly, best templates and best expertise:

$39* month to month |  EKX BombBomb Plus Package (normally $69 month to month)
FREE EKX Automotive Video Email Challenges with my video email scripts and examples ($1,000 value)
FREE Virtual LIVE Kickoff, 50 minutes ($385 value)
FREE EKX Phone Recordings of REAL calls and objections ($2,000 value)
60 Days FREE of High Production Bannered to your Dealership “Why Buy from Us” Five Part Video Series ($800 value)